The program of Iterations consisted of a series of activities and spin-offs that took place between 2017 and 2020 in several places in Europe. Below you will find an overview.

Publication launch + workshop
Online. 17+18 May 2020

Publication sprint Barcelona
Hangar, Barcelona, Spain. February 2020

The project organisers met with an editor researcher and an experimental graphic designer to work on the Iterations final publication. They gathered materials and documentations, discussed content handles, experimented with different lays out. 

Iterations 5: Residency, Conference, Exhibition, Worksession
BOZAR, BozarLab + Ateliers Mommen, Brussels, Belgium. October – November 2019

The final residency of the project invited six artists to remix the material and ideas gathered so far into a collective installation. The output was ‘Operating / Exploitation’, a collaborative exhibition that took place in BozarLab from 8 to 24 November 2019. During two weeks, from 24 October to 7 November 2019, 6 artists worked on the technology of collaboration. The exhibition used the operating system as a metaphor to investigate the conditions for working together. Before the opening an afternoon of talks and performance was organised to contextualise and to offer some reflections around the Iterations project. In parallel to the exhibition, Constant organised a worksession on the theme of ‘Collective Conditions’. This worksession experimented with the generative potential of socio-technical protocols such as codes of conduct, complaints procedures, bug reports and copyleft licenses. For one week, a group of 35 artists, activists, theorists and performers from different places in the world explored such performative documents as platforms to experiment with the conditions for complex collectivity in troubling times.

Constant_V: Collaboration guidelines
Constant, Brussels, Belgium. September 2019

The interactive installation ‘Collaboration guidelines’ was assembled by Constant, turning its window into a public drafting sheet where passers-by could add or remove lines, rules, scores, considerations, instructions, expectations and ideas. Artist and programmer, Michael Murtaugh, developed a colourful LED display which run through changes in the guidelines while they are being written and rewritten. The installation was exhibited from 26 September to 24 November 2019. The installation was developed in the context of Iterations and as part of Constant_V, a series of small-scale installations in the window of the Constant office. The opening of the installation was an occasion for a Brussels audience to get acquainted with the work made in preparation of the following series of activities.

Handover residency
BOZAR, Bozar Lab, Brussels, Belgium. June 2019

This residency took place in preparation of the series of Iterations 5 activities that took place later on in autumn in Brussels. The Handover Residency took place from 22 to 28 June 2019 in the exhibition space of Bozar Lab. Some artists who participated in the last Iterations in Graz, came to share their experiences, resources and material with new artists invited by Constant. The 6 artists in residency investigate conviviality, togetherness, relations between artists and institutions, transitory operating systems, documents as performative objects and other notions that surfaced from their past experiences in collaborative process.

Iterations 4: Collaboration | Contamination + NOI
esc, Graz, Austria. April – August 2019  +

esc invited 6 artistes and a researcher to investigate further the threads developed so far in the project such as common ground, contamination, collaboration, collective identity. The artists developed a collective and conceptual artwork that was exhibited in esc gallery from 4 May until 6 June 2019. After that, the exhibition was reiterated and re-worked, taking a new shape. NOI or Network of Iterations attempted to give sense through an immersive installation to the entire process of Iterations. This new version was shown until 23 August 2019. A parallel program of lectures, talks and presentations run through the hole exhibition period.

esc, Graz, Austria. March 2019

The experiences of Iterations 3 in Barcelona were shown, shared and discussed with a local audience and the artists participating at the next residency.

Handover meeting Vienna
Medienwerkstatt Wien, Vienna, Austria. January 2019

As part of the project Iterations between each round of residencies a moment of reflection took place. During this so called ‘Handover Meeting’ artists from the most recent residency at Hangar came together with artists of the future residency at esc to exchange ideas and materials. The artists of the upcoming residency in Graz were free to choose whether they would use the concepts and materials presented as inspiration for the subsequent collective production.

Iterations 3: Handover meeting Barcelona + Hangar Residency
Hangar, Barcelona, Spain. October – November 2018

A group of 8 artists from different backgrounds were invited to develop a collaborative art project during a 15 days residency at Hangar. Some artists were selected through an open call, others ones were going to participate to the next Iterations residency. The artists were invited to collectively transform and pass on the material of the previous Iteration. An Handover moment was organised between this group and two artists as representatives of the previous residency. The focus of the residency in Hangar became collaborative practices. The results of the artists residency Iterations 3 were presented in the form of a performative lecture in the context of Paratext, a monthly programme of presentations by the artists residents in Hangar.

esc, Graz, Austria. June 2018

The escLab are trans-local gathering moments and presentations that punctuated the project Iterations. During the meeting in June esc invited some local artists to get acquainted with the project Iterations, to meet their fellow artists online and to discuss the experiences and results coming out from the Sicilian residency.

Constant_V: Iterations
Constant, Brussels, Belgium. September 2018

An installation composed by a selection of materials (pictures, videos, objects,…) from the first artists residency in Sicily was exposed in the window of Constant in Brussels from 30 September to 3 November 2018. The opening was the occasion to discuss some principles of collaborative artistic practices with local artists and with other fellow artistic organisations in Brussels. The installation was part of Constant_V, a series of small-scale installations in the window of the Constant office. It was a way of presenting the experiences of Iterations to a Brussels audience.

Iterations 2: Trasformatorio residency
Giampilieri, Sicily, Italy. April – May 2018

Trasformatorio was a 10-days residency for 32 artists. The group included sound and visual artists, hackers and programmers, performers, actors, writers, musician and composers. All were proficient in their discipline and in the technical skills connected to it. The group produced a series of in situ installations and performances using low-tech means and DIY technology, in collaboration with the inhabitants of the village Giampilieri. The artworks were presented during a festive evening to which the whole town and the neighbouring villages have been invited to attend.

Iterations 1: Seminar
Hangar, Barcelona, Spain. October 2017

The project started with an internal seminar. The organisers met with several practitioners and artists working in the field of the culture and economy of the commons, open knowledge and cultural production. They were invited to discuss the organisational core of the project, to critically analyse its goals and to make creative suggestions how to adjust and implement Iterations within its fixed perimeters.