Iterations 1: Seminar
Hangar, Barcelona. October 2017

The project starts with an internal seminar. Several with practitioners working in the field of the culture and economy of the commons, open knowledge and cultural production are invited to problematise the organisational core of the Iterations project and critically analyse the goals of the project and to make creative suggestions how to adjust and execute the project within its fixed perimeters.

Iterations 2: Trasformatorio residency
Scaletta Zanclea, Sicily, Italy. April 2018

A residency for 25 – 30 artists. The group includes sound artists, visual artists, hackers/programmers, movement artists, actors, writers and musician composers. All are proficient in their discipline and in the technical skills connected to it. The group will produce a collective film using low-tech means and DIY technology, in collaboration with the inhabitants of the village Scaletta Zanclea in Sicily. The work session will be concluded by a screening to be held in the cultural center of the village Scaletta Zanclea for which the whole town is invited.

escLab 1
esc, Graz. May 2018

This escLab will discuss and present the experiences of the Sicily residency to an audience in Graz.

Constant, Brussels. September 2018

A vitrine show and presentation sharing the experiences of the Sicily Iterations to a Brussels audience.

Iterations 3: Residency
Hangar, Barcelona. October 2018

A group of artists, programmers, researchers, hackers will be invited in residency to collectively transform and pass on the material of the previous Iteration.

Constant, Brussels. January 2019

A window exhibition that a Brussels audience to get acquainted with the work that is going on in preparation of the worksession that will take place in Brussels at the end of the year.

esc, Graz. March 2019

The experiences of Iterations 3 in Barcelona are shown, shared and discussed.

Iterations 4: Residency + Exhibition
esc, Graz. May / June 2019

Six artists are invited in a residency which will be reworking the resources from the previouw Iteration into an installation that will be exhibited in the gallery of esc.

Iterations 5: Residency, Conference, Exhibition, Worksession
BOZAR, Bozar Lab, Brussels. October / November 2019

The final activity of the project invites six artists to remix the previous installations into a new one which is exhibited in the Palais des Beaux arts aka BOZAR in Brussels. The artist will prepare the work during a residency in situ. The exhibition will be accompanied by a conference discussing the Iterations project. In parallel to the exhibition, Constant organises a worksession on the theme of ‘Collective Conditions’.