Collaboration guidelines

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The collaboration guidelines assembled by and for Constant set bouncy delimitations that curve, bend and resituate yet they need to offer protection when needed. In the next months, the window will be turned into a public drafting sheet for these guidelines. Michael Murtaugh developed a colourful LED display which runs through changes in the guidelines while they are being written and rewritten. Please add or remove lines, rules, scores, considerations, instructions, expectations, ideas and codes.

The installation was developed in the context of the European project Iterations, a research-estafette on the future of artistic collaboration in a digital context.

From 26 September 18:00 to 24 November 22:00
Vernissage: 26-09-2019 @ 18:00, Rue du Fort 5, 1060 Brussels

Image: Loren Britton. Won’t You Please Write? (Looking at You), 2017