Handover Vienna

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18-20.01.2019 Vienna.

Organised by esc-team in close cooperation with artist Nobert Math (http://alien.mur.at/) and in collaboration with http://www.medienwerkstatt-wien.at/

As part of the project ITERATIONS between each round of residencies a moment of reflection takes place. During this so called, Handover Meeting, artists from the most recent residency (@Hangar) come together with artists of the future residency (@esc) to exchange ideas and materials. In the form of an information package or artistic production kit, the new round of artists receive some material from the leaving artists.The artists of the upcoming residency in Graz are free to chose wether they will use the concepts and materials presented as inspiration or raw material for the subsequent collective production.

Day One: Arrival

Klangraum Fröbelgasse, the studio of composer Elise Schimana, serves a environment for the first activities of the Handover. The artists introduce themselves and discuss on different topics around practical and theoretical approaches to ITERATIONS, focusing mainly on collaborative practice, cooperation, collective production, etc.

Day Two: Performance / Iterations Bingo

Artists Antonia Manhartsberger, Contanza Mendoza, Giulia Deval, Azahara Ubera, Iris Torruella, Julia Gorostidi, Rosa Llop present their performance Iterations Bingo, previously shown in Hangar on the 14th of November of 2018 in the framework of Paratext #31 and as final result of the Iterations Residency in Barcelona.

Day Three: Workshop and Reflection

The artists of the former Hangar Residency prepared a workshop destined to the upcoming artists and some of the staff involved in ITERATIONS.

During the session several concepts around collectives and collectivity were discussed; in the form of a game different ideas and points of view were presented.