Iterations #3: Hangar

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Iterations #3 took place in Hangar from the 31st of October to the 15th of November 2018.

The participating artists where:

Antonia Manhartsberger‘s practice focuses on the spatialisation of sound as well as the examination of social and political questions referring to space and contemporary technologies.

Connie Mendoza‘s work develops connections between their own vital rhythm (geographical, sentimental and political) and the concept of time, moving through different disciplines.

Giulia DeVal works in the field of vocal research and performing arts into the DIY scene. She is interested in lo-fi sounds and analog devices with the idea of sound sabotage.

Azahara Ubera is an independent researcher, dancer and choreographer inhabiting liminal spaces where dance, sound, pedagogy and activism meet. Her approach to body is from a transfeminist and posthumanistic perspective.

Iris Torruella Segura is a mixed media artist working in education mostly focusing on technology and its impact on subjectivities, starting from a political and social view.

Julia Gorostidi examines the role of subjectivity in the construction and representation of the Self and explores Identity as a product of social structures and relations through videos, performances and installations.

Rosa Llop questions the constructs that pre-define the role of designers in a post-digital society focusing on contemporaneity, on the automation of creative processes and the politics of representation.

Mafe Moscoso‘s work as a researcher and teacher focuses on the exploration of languages focusing on colonialism, scientific method and magic, and trans-migrations.