No Comments on esc-lab-III

26.09.2019 Graz, Austria. 12:00-18:00.

Deepening on the Iterations ideas this third gathering with the austrian artists selected for the residency in esc kunst labor, revolved around communication tools and ways to structure the space during the residency in 2019.

Fundamental point was to establish a suitable exchange digital communication system between the artists. The artists firstly gathered in an amicable circle to visit the exhibition “Distant Skies: Pressure Waves” a collaboration between Kathy Hinde and Daniel Skøglund, the installations, the space characteristics and the museographic elements (windows, fake walls, columns, pedestals, technical reel, curtains etc)  used for the exhibition fired up  the conversation around possibilities and the impossibilities of the space — difficult and versatile, the spatial conditions of esc animate the conversation towards possible constructions. The space is analysed inside-out, previous artistic proposals and space solutions were discussed.

As a methodological move, organised and continuously implemented during all esc_labs, is the moment around the table, eating together generates an open realm for discussion. The group talked about artificial intelligence, ecology and the different ongoing projects.

Understanding the city, the surroundings, the context of the esc kunst labor became an important part of the conversation, the group peregrinated to a second location (, where the laboratory continued. We visited the facilities, with special focus on the apartment that could be used as living quarters for one of the artists during the residency, the apartment has 24H access to the facilities.

A common ground is reached and the group opted for a common cloud, a wiki and eventually a git, the conversation evolved around common programming possibilities and the different languages across the table (PureData, Supercollider etc), the necessity to use open source became imperative. The entire Iterations group appears online introducing themselves to the artists. The day finished by adjusting the plans for the future.